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Friday, June 10, 2011

Keith Williams

#196-6      Keith Williams     OG     Nebraska      rSenior
(14 pts)          6042 ~ 318#         5.28                23 ~ 24½” ~ 7’-9”                32⅜” ~ 10”           DOB: 

Initial Grade (Value):          D                            Initial Grade (Potential/Fit/Need):          D
Draft Day Analysis:

This is my least favorite draft selection of the year.  I am just so tired of the same slow-footed, unathletic tackle/guard prospects we seem to bring in every year now.  Whether we talk about Kraig Urbik or Ramon Foster or Chris Scott or Cameron Stephenson or Darnell Stapleton or AQ Shipley or Marven Philip, it’s just a solid list of offensive line prospect you can’t get excited about because there is so little potential in the player.

They are all exactly what you think they are.  And we are 2-3 deep right now on the roster with exactly the same type player and talent.

What might frustrate me the most is the comparisons of Keith Williams down the line vs. Marcus Cannon.  Williams obviously isn’t going to play this year.  If he makes the team at all, he’s going to red-shirt and see little (if any) time on the active roster.  If you wanted another guard in this draft (after getting Gilbert), why not find a way to get Cannon and put him on IR for his rookie season?

Is it really THAT important a rookie go through the abbreviated camp (because of the lockout) vs. being placed on IR while he recovers from a very non-lethal form of cancer?  Isn’t the risk/reward of a guy most consider a day-1 talent vs. Williams (who everyone pigeon holed as a later round or undrafted player) worth it sometimes?

There were even other prospects at other position that I consider much better talent/risk selections.  Someone like Jerrell Powe might be highly needed if we don’t re-sign Chris Hoke at nose tackle.  Isn’t it time we started grooming someone for that position?  Every year we pass on that position and it’s going to bite us soon.

A strong case can also be made for the athletic tight end, Virgil Green from Nevada.  This team appears to have some room for competition at the #3 TE or H-Back position.  Maybe someone with a bit more speed and athleticism would be good for Arians’ offense.

Even the list of safeties looks tempting:  Tyler Sash (Iowa), Deunta Williams (UNC), DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson) or Joe Lefeged (Rutgers)

Overall, I just see no upside or reason for this selection.  Not when you look at his talent level, who we have on the roster, what else was available and what other positions of need could be open on the roster.

Other Options:              Jerrell Powe, NT (Mississippi)
                                    Virgil Green, TE (Nevada)
                                    Deunta Williams, SS (UNC)

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