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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cortez Allen

#128-4      Cortez Allen     CB     The Citadel     Senior
(44 pts)          6012 ~ 197#         4.51                18 ~ 35½” ~ 10’-9”             32¼” ~ 8⅝”          DOB:  10-29-88

Initial Grade (Value):          D                            Initial Grade (Potential/Fit/Need):       C

Draft Day Analysis & Grade:

There is a lot to like about Cortez Allen the player, but I think selecting him this high in the draft is a stretch.  In many publications, Allen just started emerging as a draftable prospect.  He only started playing football as a senior in high school, was never recruited (having already committed to the Citadel) and really was a “walk-on” type player for the Bulldogs.  Remember Citadel is division I-AA football program as well so the level of competition he’s seen is low.

Obviously when you talk about a graduated prospect from a Military Academy you are getting high character and work ethic and Allen fits this profile to a tee.  He’s a hard worker and should blend in with our team great.  But he is a project, outside the numbers cornerback that does not have elite speed for the position.

The tough part of grading this selection is the fact if we had selected Allen in the 6th round (for example), I would have really liked the pick.  But in this case, considering the other choices available, I am not as excited about the selection.

The big question mark to me is the comparison of Allen vs. Davon House, the speedy cornerback from New Mexico State.  Considering House’s resume (very good press corner with 11 career INT’s and 3 TD’s), his,speed and size, I think he is a better prospect pretty much across the board.  The only unknown is off-the-field and character concerns.  But at pick #128 after having select three pretty clean character players, the risk/reward of House (even with hypothetical character issues) is justifiable.

So as much as I like Allen, I am frustrated with this selection.  And find it hard to believe Allen will EVER be or produce more on the field than House in Green Bay (who was selected three picks later).

Another option that should also be mentioned is Marcus Cannon, the monster offensive tackle/guard prospect from TCU that was a solid 2nd rounder before pre-draft physicals discovered Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Cannon’s diagnosis and talent could have been a steal if he becomes 100% healthy for the 2012 season.  Again, another decent team (New England) selected him as a risk/reward prospect.

Other Options:              Davon House, CB (New Mexico State)
                                    Marcus Cannon, OG/OT (TCU)
                                    Brandon Burton, CB (Utah)

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