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Friday, June 10, 2011

Baron Batch

#232-7      Baron Batch     RB     Texas Tech     rSenior
(2 pts)            5095 ~ 207#         4.50                24 ~ 39” ~ 10’-6”                 ” ~ ”                        DOB: 

Initial Grade (Value):          C                            Initial Grade (Potential/Fit/Need):          C

Draft Day Analysis:

I don’t really know how serious to take this selection.  From a paper standpoint, the selection of Bach makes sense.  He’s a very similar player to Mewelde Moore and is ahead of the curve for pass offenses, protection schemes and catching the ball.  He also looks like he could contribute on special teams.

But Batch is also a fairly mediocre talent being ranked the #36 RB in this class by NFL Draft Scout and a non-invite to the combine.  This isn’t a talent like Jonathan Dwyer that dropped.  This is a legit 7th round talent that fits what we could need or provide pressure to negotiations with Moore and his agent.

How deep is our running back position really?  Do we need depth on the practice squad for this type of player?

I don’t think this is the direction I would have gone, but it’s not the worst pick I’ve ever seen either.

I just caution we can’t assume Batch is a lock for the team or is the guaranteed replacement for Moore like some believe.

Again, my list of alternatives starts with a long list of safeties (Williams, McDaniel, Lefeged) all of whom I would have drafted ahead of Batch to provide competition to both Will Allen and Ryan Mundy in special teams and backup safety.  Deunta Williams in particular I think was worth a draft selection as he was a very productive player before a broken leg sidelined him last season.

Other Options:               Deunta Williams, SS (UNC)
                                    Joe Lefeged, S (Rutgers)
                                    DeAndre McDaniels, SS (Clemson)
                                    Steven Friday, OLB (Virginia Tech)
                                    Ian Williams, NT (Notre Dame)

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