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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final 2011 Mock Draft

Here is my final 2011 Mock Draft (trying to predict what will happen).

1 Carolina
Cam Newton
2 Denver
Marcel Dareus
3 Buffalo
Von Miller
4 Cincinnati
AJ Green
5 Arizona
Blaine Gabbert
6 Cleveland
Da'Quan Bowers
7 San Francisco
Patrick Peterson
8 Tennessee
Nick Fairley
9 St. Louis (Dallas)
Julio Jones #14 and #78 for pick #9
10 New England (Washington)
Robert Quinn #17 and #60 for pick #10
11 Houston
Prince Amukamara
12 Minnesota
Cameron Jordan
13 Detroit
Tyron Smith
14 Dallas (St. Louis)
JJ Watt
15 Miami
Ryan Mallett
16 Jacksonville
Ryan Kerrigan
17 Washington (New England)
Aldon Smith #10 for #17 and #60
18 San Diego
Adrian Clayborn
19 New York Giants
Anthony Costanzo
20 Tampa Bay
Justin Houston
21 Kansas City
Phil Taylor
22 Indianapolis
Derek Sherrod
23 Philadelphia
Jimmy Smith
24 New Orleans
Corey Luiget
25 Seattle
Christian Ponder
26 Baltimore
Brandon Harris
27 Pittsburgh (Atlanta)
Mike Pouncey #31 and #95 for #27 and #124
28 New England
Mark Ingram
29 Chicago
Gabe Carimi
30 New York Jets
Muhammed Wilkenson
31 Washington (Atl & Pit)
Jake Locker #27 and #124 for #31 and #95
32 Green Bay
Cameron Heyward

33 New England
Danny Watkins
34 Buffalo
Nate Solder
35 Cincinnati
Benjamin Ilajana
36 Denver
Akeem Ayers
37 Cleveland
Jonathan Balwin
38 Arizona
Brooks Reed
39 Tennessee
Rahim Moore
40 Dallas
Aaron Williams
41 Atlanta (Washington)
Kyle Rudolf
42 Houston
Stephen Paea
43 Minnesota
Andy Dalton
44 Detroit
Marvin Austin
45 San Francisco
Jabaal Sheard
46 Denver
Martez Wilson
47 St. Louis
Mikel Leshore
48 Oakland
Davon House
49 Jacksonville
Curtis Brown
50 San Diego
Leonard Hankerson
51 Tampa Bay
Ryan Williams
52 New York Giants
Bruce Carter
53 Indianapolis
Drake Nevis
54 Philadelphia
Stephan Wisniewski
55 Kansas City
James Carpenter
56 New Orleans
Mason Foster
57 Seattle
Rodney Hudson
58 Baltimore
Torrey Smith
59 Atlanta
Allen Bailey
60 Atlanta (Wash & NE)
Clint Boling
61 San Diego
Donte Moch
62 Chicago
Jurrell Casey
63 Pittsburgh
Ras-I Dowling
64 Green Bay
Chris Carter


  1. Keep up the great work Deljzc. It will take awhile to build the traffic on the blog. I miss the old board on Steeler.com. Any word on why they shut it down?

  2. The Steelers.com message boards is still active. You just have to go directly to the website:


    You can also get their by searching on Google for "Steelers Message Board".

    I have no idea why the link from the Steeler.com home page is gone, but the message board is alive and kicking.

  3. What'd you think of the Steelers draft? The only picks I loved were Heyward and Carter. We'd better get 100 sacks, because the secondary didn't get much better.

  4. I will be coming out with my annual Steelers Draft review in the next couple of weeks. You'll have to be patient as they are normally very detailed analysis.

  5. I don't have a blog of my own. I respect your opinions, so I'll post my thoughts on the Steelers' draft here. I mostly evaluate picks on the basis of need, fit with the Steelers' schemes, and value.

    Round 1 - Cam Heyward, DE: I like the value and the fit. I think Derek Sherrod was of a similar caliber an would have filled a bigger need at a premium position (Smith and Keisel were late-rounders), but I can't disagree too much with this pick. Grade: B+

    Round 2 - Marcus Gilbert, OT: Probably the last starting-caliber LT on the board. He needs to work on technique, but has the tools to eventually succeed. Grade: B

    Round 3 - Curtis Brown, CB: Superb pick, in terms of value and need. Grade: A

    Round 4 - Cortez Allen, CB: A continuation of the Steelers' legacy of 4th round failures. I agree with the desire to bring in another CB. However, Brandon Burton and Davon House were more productive and played in better conferences. If they wanted a small school project, Curtis Marsh and Josh Thomas projected better. If the Steelers wanted him that badly, they could have gotten him at least two rounds later. I hope Allen proves me wrong, but I see him as another Keenan Lewis-esque failure. Grade: F

    Round 5: Chris Carter, LB: Great fit, great value. Grade: A-

    Round 6: Keith Williams, G: The Steelers have a truckload of mediocre guards. I think this pick should have been Jerrell Powe. Grade: D

    Round 7: Baron Batch, RB: Redman is more than capable of being the 3rd down back, so this isn't a need pick. I would've rolled the dice on speedy RB Derrick Locke, DT Ian Williams, or LB Mark Herzlich. Grade: D

    Overall, this is a typical Steelers draft. Most of these players will be riding the pine for at least a year, perhaps longer. It is the approach which has yielded them three Super Bowl appearances in the last 3 years. However, for a team that was so agonizingly close to winning it all last year, I'm disappointed the team didn't make a splash by trading up for Amukamara. I don't think the Steelers closed the gap on the Packers, or any of the other teams who will be gunning for the championship next year. Nonetheless, I am sure at least half of these picks will pan out in the future, and that's good enough for a B in my book.

  6. 3 Super Bowls in the last 6 years!

  7. Man, I would have been thrilled with Pouncey-Dowling.