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Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Board

For the past 6 seasons, I have created my own excel spreadsheet to organize and write down information about about the top NFL draft prospects.  In 2006 my list was about 50 players (1st and 2nd rounders).  In 2011, I now have a spreadsheet with approximately 200 prospects.

I did this because much of the information I find valuable is spread all over the internet and extremely hard to get to.  Official combine results are one place (and often incorrect).  Pro Day information is buried in blogs on NFL.com.  Rankings from a variety of websites change constantly.  I guess one year I got frustrated with it all and decided to write everything down about players in one place.

Please note that while I do attempt to rank and briefly analyze players on my own, I would not consider myself a scout.  I don't watch much film.  I'm not big into college football.  What I mostly do is READ and LISTEN about the draft from January until April and I decipher information and cut through the crap.  Often my rankings are based on feedback from a number of on-line sources.  And I gravitate towards key words in player descriptions that I value more than some.

In no way do I expect you to agree with my rankings.  That's why I give you the spreadsheet to download to fiddle and change as you see fit.  I don't mind at all.

NFL Draft 2011 (v3.0)

What you'll get:

1.  A complete list of players including all that are considered top-100.  And an additional 100 that I think have interest or potential to be 4th round players or better.

2.  Official data (best of either Combine or Pro Day) for Height, Weight, 40-yard dash, Reps, Arm/Hand size, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Wonderlic (when available), DOB and some of my brief notes.

3.  Rankings of the players by the following websites:  National Football Post, NFL Draft Countdown and NFL Draft Scout.

4.  Color coded by position for easy reference during the draft.

5.  Quarterbacks are on a separate spreadsheet for greater discussion and analysis.

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